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Rev. Dr. Joan L. Wharton - B.S., M.Div, D.Min.


Rev. Dr. Joan L. Wharton was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She was educated in the Baltimore City Public Schools.  She has a Bachelor's Degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore County; a Masters from Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, D.C.; and a Doctor of Ministry from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.


Dr. Wharton is an ordained Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and serves as the new Pastor of Hemingway Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore City.  She serves as the Secretary on the Board of Examiners of the Baltimore Conference; serves as a Trustee of the Baltimore Conference; and serves as the Assistant Secretary of the Baltimore Conference.  She is the President of the 2nd Episcopal District Women in Ministry of the A.M.E. Church with over 1,000 women ministers.


Dr. Wharton love for children has her becoming the first Exec. Director of One Church, One Child of Maryland, Inc., a program that promotes adoption of children. It speaks to finding African-American churches at least one family to adopt one waiting child.  If this were to happen, then there would be no children waiting for homes.


Dr. Wharton is the founder and director of the Season Women Ministries, Inc. who mission is to meet the relational, emotional, social and spiritual needs of young girls ages 10-17; maturing women 18-39; and season women forty and over through a series of workshops, seminars, retreats, conferences and training sessions.


Dr. Wharton is a member of the DELTA SIGMA THETA SOROITY, INC. and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women.  Dr. Wharton has received numerous awards for breaking new ground as a churchwoman and community leader.  Dr. Wharton is also the proud mother of two sons, Darnyle and Simeon; two daughters-in-love, Dani and Angela and four precious grandchildren Asia, Laila, Simone and Austin.


Her kingdom building scripture is "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME."

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Rev. Dr. Joan L. Wharton, Pastor


Rev. Mayetta Ballard

Raised in Baltimore City and educated in the Baltmore City Public School System, graduated with high honors from Baltimore City Community College earning an Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education. Rev. Ballard is an educator in the Baltimore City Public School system and has been doing so for over forty years.

Rev. Willie Pack, Sr.

Father of two, a husband to One and confidant too many.  A graduate of the Baltimore City Public School system, graduate of Mergenthaler Vocational Technical HS., earned his undergraduate degree in Human Growth and Development and is employed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Lic. Veronica Turner

Rev. Lydia Abel

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